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Carter National is a logistics firm that focuses on providing our clients with the lowest prices and highest customer satisfaction within the industry.
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Carter National was created in January of 2010 with the prime focus of assisting clients with logistical needs both domestically and internationally. Quickly we realized that our clients needed more than just logistical assistance, they needed financing, equipment loans, construction assistance, mine development, and overall project management assistance from a team of professionals that did not mind getting involved on the ground level. From that point forward we vowed to do everything in our power to make our clients successful in their endeavors. We created a network of associations that have allowed our clients the most access to the international market place today.

Contractors & Engineers.

With a list of associates that have initiated, executed, and finalized large projects around the world for both the private and public sectors, we are confident that our team can complete projects on-time and under budget every time. We have team members on six of the major continents in dozens of countries and across multiple industry lines.

Project Financiers.

Some key associates with our firm have had extensive backgrounds with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. These associates are absolutely critical in our ability to find project funding, financing opportunities, and generally connect us to the world at large. Those projects not suitable for the IMF or World Bank are taken to our capital markets teams in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea, China, and Hong Kong for further opportunity recognition and processing.

Commodities Markets & Wholesale Exchanges.

Personal history and involvement in the International Commodities trading markets has allowed us the ability to source products from all over the world to assist our associates in project completion. Whether we need aggregate for roads, concrete mix for walls, or bulk quantities of building products we can tap into our network of traders to acquire these items.

Country Specific Assistants.

We also pride ourselves on knowing the facts of the ‘land’ in which we are dealing with on each project. As each country and region has different ways of conducting business, we aim to find the experts in the field, keeping us abreast to the realities of business in international market place.

Project Management Interests:

  • Road Creation/Rehabilitation
  • Mine Site Planning to Rehabilitation
  • Building Engineering & Construction
  • Product Procurement Assistance
  • Housing Developments
  • Water-Way Dredging